Beta cards is a collaborative work methodology to develop the basic model of a project, shortening paths and minimizing risks. The card game allows you to generate a road map taking into account its main parts: context, user, purpose, business model, identity and the ideal team to validate the idea.


At the end of the process a summary of the project is generated that contains all the selected information in a synthetic and clear way.

The card set has been in development for more than a year and more than 90 ideas, 250 participants and 3 cities have already made use of Beta. We are currently in the 5th version and we are working on the first mass production of the cards, 100 sets in Spanish and 100 in English. Each game has 170 cards and a link to a digital manual.

An average game takes approximately three hours, with the accompaniment of a facilitator who looks after the times and clarifies the content of the cards.


We’ll be presenting the tool and offering free workshops to learn the methodology in a practical way in Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Asturias and Barcelona, if you would like to know the cards and play a couple of hours, we invite you to register:


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

May 7th, 13:30 hs


Impact Hub | Madrid

May 7th, 18:00 hs



May 8th, 17:00 hs


Impact Hub | Amsterdam

Viernes 10 de Mayo, 12:00 hs



May 15th, 18:30 hs

Want to host an event?

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in Asturias or Barcelona


We are interested in creating a community and making the tool grow, we are sure that you will be interested if: 

  • You work closely with entrepreneurs

  • You are in an accelerator

  • You are the trustworthy person in the co-work

  • You work in innovation

  • You are a serial entrepreneur

  • Curiosity drives you

We are interested in meeting you and showing you the tool